We always deliver the best quality of NORI.

Mikuniya specializes in NORI and has the head office in Hiroshima.
At the beginning of the establishment in the Edo period, laver was harvested in Hiroshima bay as our main ingredient. However, the fishing ground was reclaimed after the war, we sell the processing NORI that is purchased from all over the country.

NORI is a natural product, so it is likely affected a lot by weather and climate.
It is also difficult and unique that the quality varies depending on the producing region, collecting season, and year to year as well. We go around the beach nationwide from fall to winter where laver is collected, we determine and purchase laver from different characteristics and select ones that we seek “beautiful color and elegant sweetness, the texture that’s unraveling in your mouth.”
Dried NORI are stored in the freezer at -20 degrees to avoid deterioration until it will be processing.
Dried NORI is toasted just right by the artisans according to the quality of each laver, and packed immediately to seal in the flavor.
It is interesting to eat and compare with the flavor differs depending on the producing regions such as Ariake sea in Kyusyu, Tokushima in Shikoku, Mikawa bay in Aichi, and Chiba.

We are also particular about “seasoned NORI.”
The liquid seasoning we produce at our factory does not contain MSG, but made carefully from bonito flakes, kombu, shiitake mushroom, and mirin, finish it with a gentle but deep flavor. We, Mikuniya, pride ourselves on seasoned Nori that is harmonized with the flavor of dashi and laver.

Well, Our Mikuniya’s NORI seaweed is always sold at a fixed price.
Producers who grow laver, food processing export, store that hand over the products to customers. We believe that those who share similar ambitions forge partnership and strive for the mutual coexistence could lead to the future “table with delicious NORI.”